Tensioner pulley (p/n 24506756)    $18.15

TB Gasket (p/n 24503432)    $4.00

Radiator Hoses (p/n U10239870, L10280801)  $11.12, $27.50

Purge Valve (p/n 1997210)

Valve Cover Gasket (p/n 25532619)  $11.82 ea


Battery hold-down (p/n 10402687)  - Coolant Reservoir   $24.00

Radiator [p/n 52470329 (52470330)]  $183.67


1997 PCM (p/n 16232148)   $127

Engine wiring harness (p/n 12177326)   $575


Left rear caliper bracket (p/n 18019857)   $31.14

Rear End Gasket (p/n 26016661) $4.82


2nd Gen Wheel Emblem (p/n 527087)  $13.62


Black Leather-wrapped Ball Shift Knob (p/n 12562940)



1996  Corvette “GS”

• "Grand Sport" (RPO Z16) included the LT4 engine, distinctive Admiral Blue paint with white stripe, red left-fender ash marks, 17" 5-spoke aluminum wheels painted black, black brake calipers with silver "Corvette" lettering, P275/40ZR/17 front and P315/35/17rear tires (coupe)




In the sub 1K price range, you only have three choices: C4 (good), 98+ FB (better) and C5 (best).


The C5/ZO6 caliper will fit with the stock 98+ FB bracket if using the stock sized rotor. The C5/Z06 calipers have cooling fins that the 98+ FB calipers don’t have. The lowest fin may need to be trimmed. Use stock caliper frames (PAB) also. If you set a caliper from each next to each other, you will see that they are almost identical. Another diff is the mounting tabs on the caliper, the C5/Z06 ones are thinner.


The 98+ FB front caliper is very similar to the C5 caliper in appearance and function, but there are a few differnces.

C5 calipers are very similar to the standard 98+ FB calipers, except the C5's are manufactured by PBR in Australia.

The C5 caliper has full width stiffening ribs whereas the 98+ FB caliper does not.

The only dimensionally difference between a 98+ FB caliper and a C5 caliper is the gap between the ears and the caliper body ... the gap where the rotor spins.

The C5 caliper has slightly smaller pistons (40mm vs 44mm).   Pistons in an 98+ FB are larger, but made of thinner material vs the C5.

The C5 calipers are pressure cast (not forged, but better than cast) and seem to eliminate "spreading" (under extreme use, the cast 98+ FB calipers have in some cases started to open up or bend outward). The 98+ FB calipers are regular cast aluminum.


C5 brakes have about 10% more pad area than the 98+ FB brakes. That will give you a large sweep area which translates to better braking.

The swept area of a 98+ FB brake is 65.7 SQ CM. The swept area of a C5/Z06 brake is 72.0 SQ CM.


The Z06's have red powder coating (standard is dark grey).


The guide pins are #13. The bolts (#14) used on a ZO6 caliper have a larger head on them than the 98+ FB. However, the thread size and pitch are the same. It's a direct bolt on.

The pad abutment bracket (#1) bolts to the spindle.  The C5 pad abutment bracket (PAB) requires a larger bolt. So the holes in the spindle have to be enlarged.
The PAD is ONLY necessary if you want to run C5 pads.


The 98+ FB front rotor is 32.2mm x 302mm (1.26” x 11.8”)  -  C5 is 32mm x 325.12mm (1.26” x 12.8”).   Brembo website


UPGRADE - replace the stock caliper aluminum pistons in the C5 with heavier SS pieces which don't absorb as much heat as the aluminum.


LS1 front brakes w/ Carbotech XPs stop better than Z06 with PFC Z rated pads (combo street/track compound).  an owner opion



Genuine GM Corvette Z06 Brake Calipers
88895128 Z06 Brake Caliper (Left Front) 97-03 Corvette      GM Parts Direct PBR $85.07
88895129 Z06 Brake Caliper (Right Front) 97-03 Corvette    GM Parts Direct PBR $85.07

88895130 Z06 Brake Caliper (Left Rear) 97-04 Corvette       GM Parts Direct PBR $61.93
88895131 Z06 Brake Caliper (Right Rear) 97-04 Corvette     GM Parts Direct PBR $61.93

Corvette C4 1988-1996, Camaro/Firebird 1989-1997    Rear wheel caliper








Type: Ventilated Disc
Overall Diameter: 302.8mm (11.92in)
Minimum Thickness: 30.7mm (1.21in)
Overall Height: 51.8mm (2.04in)

Type: Ventilated Disc
Overall Diameter: 292.89375mm (11.5in)
Minimum Thickness: 18.3896mm (0.725in)
Overall Height: 46.0375mm (1.81in)
1993 - 1997 CHEVROLET CAMARO w/ Rear Disc






Cross Drilled Rotors

Cross Drilled Discs offer an enhanced initial bite (more responsive, especially in wet weather) and greater heat dissipation (reduction in heat induced fade - "brake fade") as compared to OEM. They may also last longer than OEM rotors (depending on your braking style), with 40% Better Cooling, 20% better stopping, improved wet braking, reduces rotor warpage, less brake fade and longer life.


Gas Slotted Rotors

Slotted discs offer cleaning of the friction material (brake pads), but do little in terms of additional heat dissipation. Slotted brake discs do not cool better than cross drilled discs or even standard discs. The face grooves will slice the brake pad material allowing the pad to bite harder into the disc, therefore causing an increase in disc temperatures. This is recommended for competition vehicles to bring pads and disc temperatures up to optimal operating ranges. (Race cars warm-up engines, tires and brakes for the best possible performance). Important Note: Proper slotting of a brake disc does not run off the outer diameter of the brake surface.  This method can promote cracking as all brake discs expand with their release of thermal energy.





What are the benefits to Crossdrilling, Slotting, and Zinc-Washing my rotors?

In years past, crossdrilling and/or Slotting the rotor for racing purposes was beneficial by providing a way to expel the gasses created when the bonding agents employed to manufacture the pads began to break down at extreme temperatures. This condition is often referred to as “green pad fade” or “outgassing”. When it does occur, the driver still has a good firm brake pedal, but simply little or no friction. Since this normally happens only at temperatures witnessed in racing, this can be very exciting!

However, with today’s race pad technology, ‘outgassing’ is no longer much of a concern. When shopping for races pads, or even ultra-high performance road pads, look for the phrases, “dynamic surface treatment”, “race ready”, and/or, “pre-burnished”. When these or similar statements are made by the pad manufacturer, the pad in question will likely have little or no problem with ‘outgassing’. Ironically more pedestrian pads used on most streetcars will still exhibit ‘outgassing’, but only when used at temperatures normally only encountered on the racetrack.

Although crossdrilling and/or slotting will provide a welcome path to expend any gasses when and if they develop, it is primarily a visual enhancement behind today’s often wide-open wheel designs.

Crossdrilling offers the greatest gas relief pathway, but creates potential “stress risers” from which cracks can occur. Baer’s rotors are cast with crossdrilling in mind, from the material specified, to curved vanes, behind which the holes are placed to minimize potential crack migration. Slotted surfaces are what Baer recommends for track only use. Slotted only rotors are offered as an option for any of Baer’s offerings.

Zinc washing is then done to provide a barrier, which resists development of surface scales or rust.







Manufacturer Links




Brembo (brake rotors and pads)    ISO/QS9000


Goodridge (brake lines)    ISO/QS9000


Performance Friction (brake pads)  ISO/QS9000


Hawk (brake pads)   ISO9001




Supplier Links



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MVP Motorsports

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Thunder Racing

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TByrne Motorsports

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LS1 Speed

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Rototech Brake Rotors

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Brake Warehouse

• Power Slot Brake Rotors

• Performance Friction Brake Pads




Oil and Filters

10W30 Oil Performance Test and Comparison

Engine Oil Filters Overview





Bolt Grade Chart


Transmission Spacer Mod

(2) ½” x 1” dia x 7/16” thick steel spacers

(2) extended length M10x1.5 – (33.28mm to 45mm) Grade 10.9 Hex Bolts w/ Washers

Cross-member Stainless A-2 (18-8) 30mm Washer

M10x1.5 Grade 10.9 Nut


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